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My Professional Works

Coton Belly

Cotton Belly

Viral clip I shot for eBay Annunci. (2011)
Fight Specific Isola

Fight Specific Isola – Founding for Isola

A short movie for the kickstarter project "Fight Specific Isola". (2012)

Padiglione Teatri

A short promo for Padiglione Teatri, an event sponsored by comune di Milano and EXPO. (2015)

Paper Notebook vs Smartphones

A viral for Moleskine produced by ComboCut. (2012)
Pepsi Thumb

Pepsi Viral

Cannavaro screams for Pepsi (2010)
Suzuki Thumb

Suzuki Viral

A Viral for Suzuki Swift (2012)

Tooso, you found it!

Meet Tooso the brand new search technology for e-commerce. (2015)